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Carabao attacks, kills farmer in Surigao

A 28-year-old farmer was killed by his own carabao on Tuesday (Oct. 10) in Surigao City.

Police identified the victim as Ulysses Orcejola, 28, a resident of Barangay Serna.

Forensic investigators were able to determine that the carabao attacked Orcejola, who died from wounds in the legs, back and stomach.

Citing witness accounts, PO3 Cesar Castillo, Surigao police investigator, said Orcejola was preparing his farm for planting when his angry carabao rammed him with its horn and tossed him up several times in his farm around 7:30 a.m.

A fellow farmer tried to rescue Orcejola from the carabao who looked mad but the effort proved futile. By CLC

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