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Can’t hide the pain

Text and photos Richel Ann Abarico

It was a partly cloudy day. I was walking through after I parked my bicycle. The wind was sort of heavy, the trees swaying and a few birds flew cautiously. What is going on?

I took my bike and rode along the street. I felt I was the only one. Well, I was the only one. Suddenly I heard a sound. It was so noisy it hurt my ears.

As I looked ahead, I was shocked to see the machines destroying by flattening the place. They crashed and smashed our precious land.

Tress fell, the green fields turned chocolate-colored lifeless corners. I was worried and sad seeing them wasted and diminished. I felt helpless, couldn’t do anything.

I understand now why the birds are gone. They have no more trees to shelter. The areas disturbed and ruined. It was painful to realized it and wondered if they ever have the chance to return.

I could feel their loss and gazed at the enormous mess those machines made and I felt I cannot hide this unexplained pain.

I rode again, passing by our school and head towards home. I felt so down and having a hard time accepting the loss. I asked myself, what is happening to my home, Loreto, Dinagat Islands?

The one that we are proud of but now being slowly being destroyed. Who will stop this?

As the one who inherits this town, what will be her future if this continues? This is a question I am uncomfortable because I can’t barely explain the pain.

Editor’s note : The author is a senior high-school student of Loreto National High School. She is a promising young writer who participated in the feature writing workshop organized by Green Mindanao in partnership with Loreto National High School and Loreto Academy, August 16 and 17.

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