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Butuan artists make do with COVID-19 ‘interruption’

By Bryan Edulzura  

You think Covid-19 slows down creative people? No sir and no way.

Artists being solitary animals all the time and embracing with their obras in their own private spaces or working rooms or studios and do not care much to go out and socialize even in quarantine times.

Every day and every night, virus invasion or not, artists are painting or drawing, sculptors molding their dream figures and profiles, writers are scribbling their thoughts and creative ideas even on scratch papers and used invoices, musicians and vocalists are practicing their songs, never mind if the neighbors are covering their ears, and movement artists/dancers stretching their feet and arms in a little group of three to get the perfect lines.

Veteran painter Bada Torralba, who is a full-time senior high school art teacher has come up with an interactive calligraphy project—a trailblazing artistic idea that involves the participation of her friends and her own creative interpretation.

Papelemento Art Firm that produces collectors’ sculptural pieces and designs run by artist Kit Gresos still manage to operate though following the working and health protocols. Their orders never stop and hope everything will bounce normally back.

Creative writers like Bea Lugto was inspired to write a dozen different poetry or has written a lot more in two months time.

“Call it I was forced to write but actually was a blessing in disguise,” she laughs. “With writing religiously nearly every day, I became more discipline and love writing even more.”  

Playwright and screenwriter RJ Sarabosing on the other hand, has come up with a stage musical he tentatively titled, “Covidly Yours—A Pandemic Musical”.

He was also able to polished his earlier musicals still to be shared to those interested, namely, “Suez Canal—The Butuan Musical” and “Ukay-Ukay—The Pinoy Musical.” He hopes there will be Butuanons into art interested to produce it on stage some normal days.

In the end, anyway you look at it, artists continue to move and work heaven and earth to tell the world what they feel and see.

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