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BDHC patients stood pat: We are real, not bogus

Butuan Doctors Hospital and College Contributed photo

More regular patients of Butuan Doctors Hospital and College (BDHC) stood openly that they were treated well at the hospital’s Advance Wound Care Center (AWCC) since they were covered by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) benefits contrary to the allegations of fraud against BDHC by the state-run health insurer.

Edwin Elacion, a retired police officer, who was treated at the AWCC for his broken legs due to motorcycle accident in June 2018, said he was an outpatient who frequented BDHC for over a month for continuous dressing of his wound and putting stainless steel for bone surgery.

Elacion, 62, a former police inspector, recalled it was the first time he availed of Philhealth in his 35 years of service as a police officer.

He admitted Philhealth workers came to him not to confirm if he was really treated at the hospital but rather asked him if Dr. Jerome Asuncion, head of BDH’s AWCC, charged his treatment with an overpriced billing.

“Dr. Asuncion treated me well and even given me with imported medicines to make sure I will be totally cured,” he said.

Another Philhealth patient Fernando Pala,55, a former city hall worker whose joints on his legs were broken by an accident in 2018 said Dr. Asuncion even prescribed that he would just be an outpatient if only to save huge amount of billing even as he went through two surgical operations including the putting up a stainless steel on his fractured bone.

Mariaden Ligotan, whose son Nissan was admitted at the BDHC for four months and two weeks after both of the bones of his legs were crushed by a fallen tree said they availed of his son’s Philhealth membership that helped a lot of their bills which reached more than P500,000.

Dr. Asuncion also prescribed that Nissan would just be an outpatient to defray a lower medication cost after he underwent a major surgical operation of which his left leg was cut and the right leg placed with stainless steel.

“He is a good man and understands the situation of poor patients,” the mother said of Asuncion.

Other patients who asked not to be named, contested the allegations of PhilHealth since they were actually treated and admitted, given proper medical attention and care.

Philhealth Arbitration Office in Pasig City has charged BDHC with consolidated case of 29 counts of claims for non-admitted or non-treated patients and breach of warranties and accreditation.

Philhealth also mentioned performance commitment under sections 151 and 160 of the 2013 Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act (RA) 7875, which enacted the Philhealth program as amended by RA 9241 and RA 10606.

The amended RA 9241 already provides universal health insurance coverage and ensure affordable, acceptable, available and accessible health care services for all citizens of the country while RA 10606 has mandated Philhealth to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos.

Even while the cases are still pending at the Prosecutor’s Office, BDHC physicians are in a dilemma to continue treating patients who have Philhealth membership or beneficiaries as they expressed the cases were just as good as suspension.

“My hands are tied because of this unwarranted situation,” said one of BDHC doctors who asked not to be named.

BDHCis one of the biggest and the most equipped hospitals in the region. It offers various services to the community and has credentialed and privileged physicians from various fields of expertise and specializations.

Founded in 1945, BDHC has been constantly and continuously upgrading its facilities to provide a better and wider array of fields in health care.

From expanding their size and capacity, providing a College course for Nursing, being one of the best schools in the region. BDH also provides jobs for practitioners, medical professionals, healthcare service workers, and plans a brighter future for students to be the next healthcare providers in our Country.

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