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Banza Church Ruins: Religious memorial link to historical Butuan

By R Juan de Abril

Come with me dear Amita and bask in the beauty and freshness of the yellow river as it glows golden in the setting sun.

Yes Amita, most of all let us savor the meaning of “throwback”  in the mystery of ancients under the century-old tree guarding the remains of the ancient cathedral-the belfry-defying the challenges of many, many yesterdays.

This is the heart and soul of our ancestors adopted religious faith. This is the mark of Christian heritage.

To get there we cross the iconic Magsaysay Bridge and snake through the riverside road of the villages of Baan and Banza. It’s ideal to come in the afternoon and talk to the unseen fairies before it gets dark.

Amita, let us rediscover the past mirrored by this tiny park-memorial and share the romance of then and now, past and present, many moons ago.


Photos Butuan City Tourism Office


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