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BAI magazine focuses on environment heroes on its 3rd issue

By Bryan Edulzura

The much-awaited BAI Magazine, the only lifestyle print magazine in Caraga Region will soon come out early this year with its third issue dated February to May 2018.

A sister but independent publication of this online newspaper,, also the only online newspaper in the region, is the brainchild of creative writer Ramon Jorge Sarabosing who is also the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Acknowledged as a substantive magazine as it features the region’s independent trailblazers and achievers in all fields of endeavors and disciplines who’s not covered and appreciated by media and other platforms.

“I want to honor and celebrate them who made humble breakthroughs in their lives and create silent impact to our society,” shares Sarabosing, who is also a founding member of freelance Asian writers and editors.

The initial two issues of BAI (pal, buddy) last year were also circulated in Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro City, Davao City and even Singapore, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia.

As one Malaysian writer said, “The magazine is encouraging and no-nonsense as it veers away from pretentious glamour and movie-star mentality magazines of urban centers. But this small magazine which shows promise of relevance highlights the strength and creativity of ordinary people giving depth with so much passion.”

An Australian observer also note, “we need a paper like this because it brings people of all races together.”

BAI’ third issue will again come unprecedented. It will focus on the region’s humble and silent heroes and guardians of the environment.

“It’s time we honor and give them recognition for the efforts and stand they made. By walking their talk they inspired us in a lot of ways,” Sarabosing declares.

Editor in Chief Ramon Jorge Sarabosing introduces the maiden issue of BAI.

Asked who these individual “champions” in his list, he informs it would compose of men and women in all sectors including even select government local officials and employees (who made environment protection/conservation their concrete priority concern) and tribal folks.

He names a few worthy individuals like Daniel “Toto” Calo of Calo Horse Farm of Cabadbaran City for taking care of his piece of Earth and wildlife and sharing knowledge and wisdom to schoolchildren and adult guests.

He also mentions Butch Dagondon and staff of Green Mindanao for its advocacy work of available, livable and healthy mountain forest and islands.

Asked further what BAI magazine’s goal and direction, Sarabosing says it started on a personal level but “I began to realize it is my give-back to the region of my birth, but doing so is not about me but by writing about people who inspires and made a difference. We need to know our local achievers and trailblazers.”

He says we have enough of imperial culture and habit of looking at so-called celebrities outside our region, which to him is a total disconnect.

Indeed a magazine worth the support for the sake of a beautiful and fragile region.

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