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Bada Torralba navigates from subdued to vibrant colors

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Butuan’s homegrown lady painter and art visionary finds herself evolving in terms of color,subject and perspective and gamely embracing it.

Her friends,followers and regular patrons affirmed it and are equally excited to own a piece or two.”They teased me I’ve become lighter to be with now. Maybe a reflection of some inner transformation?” She asked, though more to herself.

So yes, out with heavy and gloomy stuff and in with warm and vigorous strokes. The artist re-emerging and like her new series-branching out.

How did this transformation came to be? For her, its simply recognizing the “road less taken” as artist-educator involved in community work with the progressive religious (MSM, RJS,MA,MSC). “It raised my consciousness in all aspects and expressed through the art that I do.

In particular, the colors emerging and evolving represents how she feels and view reality. The outputs lure and invite attention. The artist is finally home?

A UP Fine Arts graduate who earlier taught summer art class to children. Some of them even become full-pledge artists themselves. “There is nothing more humbling and and fulfilling to have them become your colleagues.”The mentor reckons.

Today, she is a full time public high-school teacher assigned in a rural barangay (village). An artist-friend said Bada carries the creative spirit with the passion to teach.

The daughter of the late Casiana Cane Torralba of Father Saturnino Urios University (FSUU) who was a painter, poet,songwriter and Humanities teacher. Mother and daughter were once featured together in a national newspaper.


Bada once held the position of a commissioner of visual arts for Mindanao’s National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA). The job took her to all points of the island. This is one artist rooted to the ground and perpetually rediscovering creative possibilities.

Note : A few of Bada’s works are displayed at Margie’s Cafe and Boy’s Bar, two of the city’s favorite hang-outs.

Photos by Mm Cadosales

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