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Ay! ay! ‘Siargao’ Pagkagana isab!

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

As a Caraganon there is no reason why I should not watch the movie, ‘Siargao’. And as an outdoor freak (once and always), I celebrate the memories of what was once and will be.

But I must tell you, ‘Siargao’ is not for all, not for 50-something who’d rather stay at home but for the young and the restless, for the curios and active type, specifically the yuppies (young professionals who’s in the roller-coaster of their lives).

But oh I love being young, feeling young and I’m 50-something and Siargao keeps me coming back, luring me back because I love the sand and sky and everything in between.

But you have to forgive me , I have this crazy habit of comparing Siargao to Camiguin. Camiguin is island-volcano. I’ve climbed several times before and sulked in White Island before the noonday heat.

Siargao is socializing, walking and bicycling and the idea I’m a child of the mighty Pacific- “that creates life and destroys it.” As the old Ernest Hemingway movie “The Old man and the Sea” puts it.

Alright, I like the movie because I can relate to it, not because of the story (don’t have a love angle there) but because the scenery and the cinematic marvel of the waves. I’d like to believe I’m home too, the sand, sea and sky-my universe.

Last year, I went back after every five-year interval, purposely to do yoga, beside a swimming pool and the blue sea under the swaying coconut trees on a tranquil early morning.

The spirit of the ocean cradling me. In the end Siargao is not just for the young and restless and free but for all seekers at any age.

I salute director Paul Soriano for making the movie that reflects the lifestyle and aspirations of Siargao (the environment angle to mention). It’s a light movie with a carefree “touristic” push and charming enough.

It helps too that good-looking actors weave the story and reminds the advanced-aged of being young. So as a Caraganon do yourself a favor and be proud that in a way there is an island-corner we can call home.

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