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Archaeologists convinced existence of pre-colonial civilization in Butuan, AgSur

The discovery of “Balanghai” has bolstered popular belief an ancient civilization and pre-colonial past existed not only in Butuan but also in nearby Agusan del Sur province. Contributed photo

Archaeologists and anthropologists are convinced of an existence of a civilization in Butuan and Agusan del Sur dating to as far back as pre-colonial times.

Austrian archaeology expert Klaus Dona said “strong pieces of evidence” would suggest to show that a pre-colonial ancient past existed not only in Butuan City which is rich in cultural heritage, but also in Agusan del Sur.

“It looks like a town, an ancient site of civilization,” claimed Klaus at the sidelines of the four-day Ancient Archaeological Summit at Balanghai Hotel and Convention Center in Butuan last week.

The initial discovery, Klaus said, was made through a geo-satellite scan study, a pre-scan equipment that pinpointed possible archaeological site in the mountainside of Agusan del Sur province.

Klaus further explained, the discovery of 1500-era “Balanghai” bolstered popular belief that indeed an ancient civilization and pre-colonial past could have existed not only in Butuan but also in that province.

Organized by Butuan Calagan Historical and Cultural Foundation, Inc. President, Dr. Potenciano R. Malva, the summit gathered the world’s leading archaeologists and anthropologists studying the hidden history of civilization of pre-colonial ancient past, ancient mysteries and advance archaeology in the Philippines and South East Asia.

The gathering also aimed at arousing Filipino interest in archaeological tourism in Butuan and Caraga region and to further explore archaeological areas to understand our vast ancient past.

“The gathering was also to learn more from the experts and bring together the academic community as well as all those with interest in ancient history long before the Spanish era,” Malvar said. By CLC

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