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67-yr-old Caraganon among 14 new HIV cases

Caraga health director Dr. Jose R. Llacuna, Jr. expressed alarm over the increasing number of Caraganons who tested positive for the highly contagious HIV. Skeptica

A total of 14 new cases of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), including a 67-year-old Caraganon, were reported in December last year, according to the Department of Health (DOH-Caraga).

Caraga health director Jose R. Llacuna, Jr. said its latest disease surveillance recorded 14 new HIV cases since December 2016 up to the present.

The number is 10.5 percent higher compared to year 2015 with only 86 HIV-Aids recorded cases and those affected were mostly heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals, Llacuna, Jr. said.

Also, majority of those newly-affected were males while 46 percent were between 25 to 34 years old. The youngest patient, is an 18-year-old male while the oldest is 67 years old, according to Llacuna, Jr.

“January to December 2016 cases dunay 95 which is 10.5 percent higher compared to the same period last year with 86. Amo nakita sa resulta kasagaran sa naay HIV are males having sex with male,” Llacuna said.

From 1995-December 2016, HIV cases now total 335, with some 27 reported deaths in the Caraga region. By YUC

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