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Youth concerned and proud of her hometown island

By Cindy Babe Q. Caonon

A bird’s eye view of the “Blue Lagoon” on the open sea side. PHOTO/Justine Goriding

I remember when my parents brought me here in Libjo, Dinagat Islands.

As a child then I could not understand leaving the city and settle in an island, at a small coastal barangay called Rosita at that. But when I think about it, I thought what is wrong with that?

There’s always transitions in life. Luckily, I adjusted with the idea as time went by.

I felt, as I look around, to feel envious of the people gifted with natural blessings-green mountains, living forests and rivers and a beautiful sunset across the sea, a sight no other! Truly precious gifts from heaven.

But as time passed by, I have seen how these gifts are slowly disturbed and disrespected. What is even more heartbreaking is that local people are the ones who did it for survival, unknowing they are destroying their own treasures.

Now that I consider myself as a Dinagatnon, Libjo and Dinagat Islands my home, I see other means to survive by helping promote eco-tourism by way of developing and harnessing our natural tourism spots to have domestic and foreign tourists come here. One of them is the Blue Lagoon and several white beaches and coves within our town.

Yes fellow Dinagatnons there is so much potentials for all of us and now, is the time to unite and reach our dream.

Editor’s note: The author is a senior high-school student-participant of a feature writing and photography workshop conducted recently and sponsored by the DILG,LGU and Green Mindanao.






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