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Why we need martial law characters and never have dictatorship again

By Vin Sahidra

I do not know if it was meant to be a joke or some cheap political propaganda to sweeten the already damaged memory of the late Ilocano leader and Filipino mastermind-murderer and national theft when his son masquerades as host to a senile guest pretending to be normal and sharp many people do not seriously take anymore.

But since this is the Philippines, anyone, especially the high, mighty, abusive and law-breakers, can get easily with anything. Only, they cannot fool people all this time- except the unthinking millennials ignorantly believing in the distorted historical truth. Or some of these characters run in elections for high office and cry foul they were cheated when that was their imperial dirty game before.

Can you imagine there were no killings, disappearances, censorship and “world-class” kick-backs as painted by the old man with amnesia?

For that he becomes the official twisted, manipulative historian of the dictatorship forgotten “tutas.” May their tribe decrease. But it may take a long time for the likes of the two loved to be in the spotlight  even if they are irrelevant and have zero credibility.

Another reason why this republic keeps going to the dogs is we do not have a concrete sense of respecting and listening to history.

Many former activists have now become government officials and contented employees-turned -breed of voiceless “sipsips” and lazy public servants ashamed of their past as having protested and marched the streets.

They never told their children that they made a stand and fought an unjust system. Why? They do not want them to follow their “radicalism” because they are discomforted and uncomfortable with their children’s political stand. Or even have one.

This kind of “tibaks”-former so-called activists-only reflect a shallow stage of their young lives, not a long-standing principle that should be taught and learned by the next generation. So expect another round of corruption and all kind of disruptions confronting new generations and the next.

We end up with a never-ending cycle. Never.

Artwork courtesy of Randalf Dilla/Hiraya Art and Hiraya Gallery Manila

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