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Why not Yoga?

By Bryan Edulzura

Yes indeed, why not Yoga? After all, this ancient form of Oriental exercise  is considered the most beneficial exercise because it taps both internal and external aspects of the human being.

“More than you wiggle the body,you stretch from head to toes, and combined with the breath–discipline inhale and exhale–you find mental and physical balance and lose weight too and feel healthy,” declares Vangie Pena Dominise, a Yoga practitioners for years with “Little Forest Yoga Studio” in Butuan.

yoga-sessionI am a Yoga practitioner myself and even if I am into it on and off because my work demands I travel a lot within the region, I make sure I get back to the yoga mat once or twice a day.

indoor-yoga-sessionSo yes,  why not yoga? Because for some of us, it works better–no frills, no hype, just me and the peace and balance within.

( Photos courtesy of Lilit Concon )

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