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Why is hardly anyone using Butuan’s overpasses?

By Yolando Rosauro

It’s annoyingly baho (smells bad). “Time bombs” left by street people look disgustingly. Who would want to pass here? The city’s overpasses (infrastructure) supposedly reflection of how progressive a city is.

Now, why should any local government build such when they can’t maintain these well, better yet, impose discipline and systematic control to make them usable and pleasantly accessible.

The last time I used the overpass of Father Saturnino Urios University was four months ago and I vowed never to do it again. I think it’s unhealthy and I worried not only for myself but for the community.

I urged the university concerned and the social services arm of the city government to please do something responsible about this.

They should make sure that street people, especially the children cannot sneak or loiter there at night to “help themselves”. Police should be detail there 24 hours.

The same thing is happening at the overpass facing the Timber City Academy.

Sometimes it’s even worse. Why can’t the barangay officials look after this? I bet they don’t use it so they do not know how embarrassing and unsanitary it is.

Barangay, institution and city officials, please check the condition of the overpass under your jurisdiction so that our city will move forward in a healthy favorable way.

Another concern-at the overpass facing Robinsons-you encounter teenage boy-beggars. Isn’t this alarming? Children beggars before have grown into teenage beggars in this city.

Whatever happen to the so-called LGU’s concern on street children? What kind of generation are we having here, now and in the future? Butuan! wake up!

If our city is going to be like any other progressive cities in the country-big, overpopulated and industrialized, but wanting of discipline and humane healthy system, then we might as well remain what we used to be.

Because in the end, this will reflect how our leaders (and community members) do not know their job or just too insensitive what they are suppose to do.

Together let us help build a livable and healthy society. We owe it to ourselves.

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