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When and where best to explore Caraga

By Bryan Edulzura and RJS

The answer is anytime, anywhere of the year but please take serious note of the climate whether you believe or not in climate change.

As you know there’s always summer and rainy season and best to know when to go to any particular places of destination that dot the five provinces of the youngest region of the country.

When friends from Cebu City signify to see the popular Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur this summer, I advised them to come in the “ber” months and go island-hopping instead to Surigao City.

Why? Because the water falling in Tinuy-an is “anemic,” no thanks to the dry weather. They will miss the thunderous and huge sight of what is claimed the widest falls in the country and they will end up “empty-handed.”

Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City. Contributed photo
Laswitan Lagoon, the new darling of coastal adventure in Cortes town in Surigao del Sur. Photo/ Arren Wanders

The perfect time to come is the rainy season and they can include “Laswitan,” the new darling of coastal adventure in the town of Cortes. The tourists will thank the Pacific turbulence.

Surigao City, dubbed as the city of island adventures leaves you restless and active has its added attractions like spelunking, fortress coastal climbing and exciting walk on the longest wooden footbridge linking two islands. Where else can you experience this?

The San Pedro Cantiasay Footbridge is hailed as one of the attractions in Surigao City.

Now, if they seek more fascinating destinations, they can easily hop to Dinagat Islands mysterious Bonsai Forest of Mt. Redondo and scenic Blue Lagoon, both in the towns of Loreto and Libjo that offer reasonable and comfortable accommodations.  Summer is complete and satisfying.

But even more when they shift back to urban action in the mainland and regional capital of Butuan City hat celebrates its annual fiesta season with Balangay Festival, May 1 to 19.

The ancient and historic city-kingdom has a must-visit interesting museums, shrines and sites like Bud Promontory, Banza Church Ruins, Balangay Excavation site and replica and Shell Midden.

Banza Church Ruins . Contributed photo

The city is encouragingly reviving its arts and culture standing and significance in Mindanao and Southeast Asia with the initiative and participation of homegrown artists and cultural workers led by stage veterans Richard Vilar, Sai Collado and Titing Trinquite. This is exciting time for all.

Of course, one should not leave the region without exploring the two Agusan provinces, Norte and Sur. Cabadbaran City stands out with a perfect outdoor family vacation spots, the Calo Horse Farm and Higanting Bato Nature Park.

Cabadbaran’s Puting Bato: A perfect outdoor family vacation spot. Contributed photo
Agusan Marsh, Caraga’s biggest marshland and wildlife park complex that will lift up anyone’s adventurous spirit. Photo/ Francis Uy

Also the inviting nature view decks to Mt. Hilonghilong Range. Lake Mainit, the deepest lake is not so far away from here. Hello fine summer!

When rainy days come months after, why not drive to Agusan Marsh in Agusan del Sur? It’s the biggest marshland and wildlife park complex that will lift up anyone’s adventurous spirit. Migratory birds, insects, reptiles mammals and gentle and accommodating tribal communities and migrants are memorable encounters perhaps in one’s lifetime. It humbles you.

So if you do come and experience Caraga region-anytime, anywhere, expect a more substantial, fascinating and inspiring place to “settle down.” You owe it to yourself.




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