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What I want to be

By Erick Mahinay

I grew up under the care of my grandfather and grandmother in the family farm near the sea. Both are humble, religious and hardworking farmers.

Sometimes my lolo goes to the sea to fish too. His best friend lolo Martin is a fisherman who kept inviting him to go fishing in the sea. Sometimes I beg to join them because I like fishing too and I enjoyed in their company.

And I also like to farm because I like to harvest the fruit trees we have planted when I as young. I was six years old then. Now that I am 14 years old we get to sell the trees that I help planted. I am so proud of this.

I think I am lucky to be exposed to farming and fishing because I don’t see many complications when it comes to studying and spend so much just to get an education.

My Lolo Ben may be a farmer all his life but he is an educated breadwinner in the family and has send his children to school. He is my inspiration that is why I like to be an agriculturist.

Being an agriculturist or a farmer tilling the land rather than working like a slave in a strange, hostile, faraway country is much better to live a life.

I have read or seen on TV many Filipinos suffer in many ways as overseas workers. I know there is big money but what do they get in return? Sometimes, too painful to accept or too much gamble to take.

All my classmates said they want to be to be big time—engineers, government officials and employees, businessmen, lawyers, etc. and they are surprise when I said I want to be an agriculturist tending our piece of land and also taking care of our environment.

My friends said I cannot be rich or become a mayor because I won’t be earning lots of money but why should I care? Money is not permanent and government officials get corrupted. There is no permanent happiness in the material world.

As Lolo Ben once said, find meaning and usefulness in the land and you will be fully contented and happy.

Editor’s note: The author is a high-school student who lives in Surigao del Sur. He loves to read and write. He also wants to be a professional long-distance runner, being an amateur at present.

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