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‘We will have endless flooding, landslide, thanks to mining and logging’

By Lee Flores

It’s the season of finger-pointing and blaming others again. Also, the national government agency desperately excavating “pogi” points  for themselves to appear heroes as defenders of lush mountains. What in abused earth is new?

In the provinces being battered by Typhoon “Ompong”, the mining company heroically and arrogantly declared they managed and prevent  better against calamities compared to marginalized, small, hit and run miners who do no concrete defense to whatever natural forces that come.

So what are they saying? They will pursue to exploit legally all of Luzon and eventually Mindanao, which they already did until kingdom come and everything vanished?

Well, why not? They can always plant, or try to plant non-endemic, minor trees as icing of the cake as a projection they are one with nature, and bribe communities like cementing roads and building class rooms and enriching corrupt officials of all levels.

Remember what they did in the poor Visayas Island many years ago? The river turned yellow poison and the area became a graveyard and the giant foreign mining firm ran and hide and never came back and was unheard of.

But guess what, they came back, after a decade after, thinking everyone already forgot and forgiven and had the nerve to deny and made demands to mine what was left. Guess who bowed down and played tango with them, like a paid dance instructor (DI).

Why should we be surprised and scandalized when we hear and see the news on the tragedies caused by disasters now and maybe, god forbid, later? How many hectares and hectares of forests and islands skinned and drilled, trees cut down and turned to lumber exported to wealthy masters and lives of helpless and powerless citizens of this nation vanished?

We hear powerful people in positions again in all levels bask on opportunities as calamity-fund sourcing for their regions, like loans half of which go to their pockets. Even on nature’s wrath, they are creative and shrewd and leave ordinary folk drown or clambering driftwood in the raging waters.

Calling so-called calamity risk reduction heroes, it’s your time and duty to work.

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