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War on malnutrition launched

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

The Duterte administration has unveiled a health program to combat malnutrition and childhood stunting amid its woeful effects on education, workforce and economic development in general. Contributed photo

The country’s malnutrition problem will finally get a beating as the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022 (PPAN) was officially launched on May 2 in Iloilo City.

Attended by multi-media practitioners from private and public news agencies from all over the country- four representatives from Caraga Region , the event afforded the media sector the knowledge of the importance of nutrition development and practice.

One of the flagship program of the Department of Health (DOH) and spearheaded by the National Nutrition Council (NNC), the launched was also attended by secretaries, heads and representatives of several national government agencies, non-government organizations and international partner groups to pledging support and cooperation in the campaign and effort to end the unwanted malnutrition condition of the country.

Health Sec. Paulyn Jean Ubial, the keynote speaker, gave an encouraging and challenging speech by enjoining everyone to help solve the problem.

Health Secretary Paulyn Jean Ubial with Caraga region media representatives. Contributed photo

To the media, she addressed: “Please be the voice of nutrition amidst the noise of all that is happening in the country. whether good or bad news, any news good or bad is good news for nutrition.”

Earlier, she gave a revealing fact-one in every three children in the country is stunted.

If these stunted children survived, she said, they become a burden of society because of health problems and because malnutrition is a never-ending cycle, the country will never free itself from poverty and poor health clearly an end result of a sickly population.

Towards the end of the launch, the audience realized the urgent need to confront and solve the problem.

“We do not know we are amidst a war, a war that is silent, invisible and unrecognized, now all of us, in whatever sector, must do our share of work to end this or our nation will not go anywhere,” the media affirmed.

In concrete response, the practitioners pledged to form a national support group in partnership with the NNC.

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