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“All I want this New Year”

By Janina Kaye P. Dominise

2014 was the year I turned 13, it was very exciting to finally have that “teen” word that finally meant I was a teenager.

The stages where you undergo different changes in your body where you start having a real independent life, where you help yourself decide on the things you want to do in your life and who you want to become.

This is also the phase where your parents start pressuring you to do better in everything because you’re already a teenager.

You might not know what the connection of my age since April and December are like 7 months away from each other.

3…2…1… HAPPY NEW YEAR! And since I’m already a “teen” what I want this year is a new resolution. A solution to the mean and negative ego of mine and replace it with a nice and positive personality.


To be more responsible and be more respectful to other people, I want to be a person to be relied on, I’ll try my best to reduce judging people, love and trust God, family and friends.

To be polite with other people, to be more disciplined since I lack a lot of that and learn how important time is. I basically just want to start over, correct all my inappropriate habits, my personality and start anew.

This year 2015, I want my friends to start relying and believing in me, my family to start trusting and love me unconditionally and accept all my imperfections, help me write this new chapter in life now that I’m already 13.


And lastly, for myself to be closer to God, the father almighty, also to have a clearer understanding on why God created me and what is my purpose on this earth.

In life when writing your story, never let anyone take the pen.

Note: Janina wrote this essay when she was 13 and now she is 15, a Grade 9– Dalton student of Agusan National High School, Butuan City.

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