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Versatility and vibrance at Caraga Arts Festival

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

A big salute to the music and visual artists and artist-organizers of Medu’n Amoyag Caraga Arts Festival held last Saturday and Sunday. Such a perfect event where artists gave their best to the community.

Invited as one of the jurors of on-the-spot painting contest where veteran and aspiring painters competed, I am honored and privileged to be part of this year-end creative harvest.

Medu’n Amoyag is inspired from the tribal expression of Manobos that means a lively and vibrant life.

True to its vision the festival boosted a healthy gathering of local artists and enthusiasts in the field of music and visual arts.

Eight bands came and performed their original songs. My favorites are Allas One, Tud-um Naliyagan, JVC Tribe and Ayahuasa plus Sinag’s with their award-winning song that won the recent World Music festival in Davao.

All the entry pieces where in Bisaya and Tagalog left me glued to the ears. They were magnetizing.

One of the band’s taking center stage.

The 15 painting entries command varied life and colors of the indigenous people that also reflect our own. I am told that all paintings will be displayed at the mall’s exhibition area. Why not take time to view them?

Winners and organizers of the painting contest.

While indeed the festival focused on “alternative” music it truly promotes and honors our culture and artists. One we can proudly call our own.

Overheard from an excited audience: we should have this regularly. An eye-opening art event.

Encore please!

Photos Yul Jimenez

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