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Time to junk ‘teleseryes’ and noontime TV shows?

By Abegail Antone and Robert Bermudez

I have enough of watching predictable “teleseryes” and mediocre noontime TV shows that tragically define the taste and level of the general public concerning entertainment that often mistaken as an expression of art, which is not, but trash.

I do not mean to insult the bruise ego of anyone but you have to understand, I am desperate and disgusted not only for myself but for society who deserve a better, sensible and uplifting time or short moment to have a really productive entertainment or at least with depth.

Is that asking too much? Aren’t we supposed to be people with an elevated taste because we have gone to school and be educated?

Yes, there is such a thing as productive entertainment if you care to know and look for it, if not gravely seek it, for discrimination and good taste sake. For, again, you have studied as a civilized person and taught to discern the quality of life.

As some observations noted and debated, all forms of entertainment are escapist in nature but there is also such a thing as being entertained and turned knowledgeful and wise.

Good entertainment is appreciating the skill and antics of a performer or performers and elevates our humanity in not so ordinary way.

But why are we bombarded and allowed ourselves feed his kind of fun fitted to the unschooled who has not raise his/her level of consciousness? One can blame the factory makers of such endeavor, the producers and pseudo artists who stick to the tried and tested and lazy escapist entertainment.

What the people get is equally tragic they are forever, as now, mired in mediocrity and nonsense and blind to quality entertainment and never tasted other “fun-time” possibilities that stretch and redefine the meaning of entertainment.

As one private teacher said, “You cannot forever toe the line and be one of the unthinking, voiceless citizens.”

Cited as one ridiculous and lowest form is the so-called transgender beauty and brain contest which many consider as pretentious, bordering in fakery and does not encourage and generate respect and admiration, backfiring to the level of a laughing stock and not taken seriously.

Surely, there must be other means to promote and upheld gender aspirations and recognition. With this pathetic form of entertainment, why should we expect our country to move up economically and culturally when we wallow in endless mediocrity?

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