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The war of two greedy praying mantises



A long time ago in the moment of now there live two sibling praying mantises who are at war with each other. All because of power, wealth and ego.

The two sibling mantises who are actually not prayerful and silently hated each other are children of a once powerful King Mantis who has not done much to the people except shrewdly praise himself.

When the king died, the two siblings lost no time jockeying for the throne, hungrily to become the new king or queen, at all cost. Each one wanting to prove, that he or she is the most powerful, the lord of all in the Kingdom of Kabalbalan.

Both of them have sipsip, blind followers and slaves who pathetically do what each greedy masters want them to do. Those followers never have a mind of their own. They are reflection of their masters-little greedy and pretentious small-minded people.

The people of the kingdom on the other hand are not happy with what was going on. They are angry, annoyed and embarrassed with their masters selfish interests and never their own productive look-out. But the people are helpless, or they choose to be, because they never speak out, they never let their voices heard, for they are scared.

Some intelligent and discerning people are insulted but they cannot do nothing much. They have ended up spineless and unprincipled. They are like dogs caged. They do not know that the so-called and self-serving royal siblings are actually brainless fake gods and goddesses.

One day, one sibling mantis thought of unleashing attack dogs against another to topple a fantasize power handled by the other. The people are used again by ordering them to kick out the rival.

Poor people, they followed and kiss the boots of the master and shake in fear of the other if the later comes and scolds them.

The people never realize they are not getting anywhere with their lives. If they can only kick out the greedy, selfish siblings into the muddy river, then their lives will greatly improve. But since they naively believe the two mantises pray as a symbol of  kindness, sincerity and the of goodness of all, they are wrong. Dead wrong.

So yes, the people don’t live happily ever after like most stories. They all end up eaten by the greedy royal mantis 1 and 2.

Editor’s note: The author is a student of a Caraga-based state-run university who attended a creative writing workshop recently. He claims to be inspired by the “disgusting” political reality of his home city.

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