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The trouble with fast-food chains

By Rommel Panero

I know this has nothing to do with our political situation but lining up to wait for your turn to order food-and not even healthy food- is pathetic because the wife says so.

It’s a food trap but do I have a choice? Of course I do but since we are a race with colonial taste easily lured by TV advertisements we readily and uncritically patronize these giant food chains, neglecting unknowingly the wisdom of “lutong bahay” servings that’s also available in select and humble eateries.

But what annoyed me more is the long wait when it’s suppose to be quick, efficient and fast service we deserve, not end up waiting in line like beggars. Even more annoying is when the lady at the counter don’t even sorry your order’s not available. Your fast-food fantasy is over.

Somebody please tell the management to understand and implement what they should be doing to make their clients happy. The management should order the personnel, no, add more personnel to serve efficiently in respectable time.

To think they have five counters but they only utilize two or three and they expect you to wait till kingdom come and be patient like gentle sheep.

Alright, no one can stop people especially rural people to flock there like some kind of fake status symbol and feel-good escape for family and friends.

Everyone is crazy on the chicken and pork servings which to be fair enough are crispy good but if you know what kind of murdered animals those are, you would have second thoughts.

As one knowlegdeful and discriminating teacher said, “not even a bite of those murdered, fatten creatures to suit the greed of commercialism and disrespect of animals.”

If you’re aware of this or have seen documentary exposes of the kind of food you are eating, then you make a sound choice and make a better decision but if you don’t care like most people, then go ahead and chew your favorite fast food and learn to prepare for whatever may come, healthy wise. And don’t say no one warn you.

So go ahead, wait and  wait, don’t mind waiting, lining. After all, we are mostly in the age of mockery and everything fast, as fast as we try and miserably fails.

Alright no political relevance here. Tsk… Tsk…

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