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The fallacy of ‘farm to market road’ blah blah

By Nestor Garcia

I am 70 years old and many decades ago I often heard our local high-ranking officials before and after elections talked and promised about developing the countryside but they were all talk-empty and lots of bull!

Now the politicians are dead and their sons and daughters are mouthing the same plans. You wonder how long are the roads – do they reach as far as Africa? Why those roads yet invisible and comforting to our butts, for Jesus Christ sake!

Nothing much has change. No decent roads, the countryside still wallow in poor conditions. I don’t understand why this generation’s public servants act and behave like their ancestor-mentors of old, rotten politics. The only thing that constantly change are the sizes and designs of their mansions and rest houses that they’ve cornered for themselves. The “farm to market road” remains a fantasy.

We’ve all heard of diversion. No, not “diversion road,” it’s the project diverted to somebody’s brand new abode. Guess who that somebody is. In most cases, a concrete road is constructed only because the “almighty” lives there. Talk about serving the public but serve the family first and let the others wait for the next elections-whenever it takes.

Now that election season is around the corner, expect  candidates of all colors to court our attention. Educated voters cannot be fooled but the poor, unschooled and marginalize citizens are once again lured, temped and paid by exploiters no different from today’s human traffickers.

We can only hope the ordinary and powerless learn their lessons and change the culture of dirty politics. That they will finally realize is they who are at the losing end.

As we all know, it takes two to tango. There are no abusers, exploiters if there are no willing victims. Enough of powerful, moneyed opportunists, it’s time for knowledge full, wise and responsible citizens.

The road may have been disgustingly long but it’s time to reach the dead-end.

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