The DI and the MI

By Georgina Awado

The dance instructor (DI) is handsome as actor Jericho Rosales so I was not surprised my elder brother who is 64 years old is upset when he saw him (DI) fetched my sister-in-law, 61, for a dance session from 7 pm to God knows when.

“Is he her personal driver too?” asked my young nephew. My elder brother’s face turned sour, obviously didn’t find it funny. I later secretly told my nephew to avoid teasing in front of his uncle or go berserk or like a territorial war between China and its Southeast Asian neighbors will enflame.

Now that is MI? They say its “tigulang igat”(flirty married woman) and please don’t mention that to my brother or the war intensifies to interplanetary. My brother’s ego and pride is as wide as the universe and he won’t sit down without intense argument.

More than anything else, the manoy (elder brother) consider it a blow to this character if he hears front and side comments on her belatedly dance-crazy hobby. And she is quick to defend nothing is old as dance and he is helpless because he loves her two-piece or I don’t know, maybe he is just afraid to stop her because she screams at him and they fight and sometimes the whole neighborhood hear it.

No one can stop them, not even their nine children and our late mother who hardly remember who these quarrying couple and why they living with her, even when it’s the other way around.

My sister-in-law is a strange creature, a late bloomer in many aspects of her life. At her age, suddenly she loves to dance. I don’t know with a young handsome guy of late 20s or just dance with any partner.

She first did her dancing addiction with a lady friend when they found the guy who became the apple of their eyes and dancing feet. They said he walked in front of them and stole their dance crazy hearts and hired him instantly, three days a week.

At first, her lady friend and the DI fetched her but now it’s just the guy on his borrowed single motorbike. Thanks God she does not wear sexy shorts as she back rides. Or it becomes like a sea aggression of China amidst the annoyance and helplessness of cowardly small neighbors.

Thanks God too my brother has learned to keep his cool when he found out the DI is a discreet gay and confirmed by a secret agent he hired. The DI reportedly has a secret American boyfriend and the couple is planning to adopt a child. now, isn’t that good news?

My brother is now at peace. No, not forever in heaven. But staying at home while the lady of the house is kicking it out with her brand new shoes and borrowed gowns. The other good news- my brother is talking of learning to dance himself!

He said he is planning to see a 28-year-old lady dance instructor or join a zumba class.

“But not with fat, trying hard matrons who try desperately to call attention but all my own, me and the lady instructor, privately,” he winks.

Who needs China to break our hearts?

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