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The calvary of OFWs and Lumads

By Rommel Panero

It’s never been good and no promise to the two aggrieved sectors of our Philippine society.

The overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) especially in the Middle East face many challenges leading even to tragic situations while the Lumads (indigenous people) follow a dark tunnel of sufferings, abuse and exploitation.

We all know what’s happening to Kuwait were OFWs are force to go home because of maltreatment and cruelty from some of their heartless and seemingly religious-less employers. It is good that our president unleashed his anger towards the perpetrators and their government and its people in general.

Indeed, we the right to ask them what kind of people they are? Are they decent? Why are they capable of dehumanizing other human lives? Clearly, the answer is, they may be rich but they are uneducated and uncivilized.

So it is right to withdraw our hardworking domestic experts there. Let those “ignoramus” race wash their smelly clothes and smell their rotten smell.

Our overseas experts are the best, hardworking men and women in the world do not deserve to be treated less by some nationals who are actually unschooled. Those “masters” can’t even speak straight English. Our outstanding migrant workers do. They are big asset to the host countries.

Let this be a lesson to other countries who want to hire us.

They should treat us fair and square. Those countries may have some money but they don’t have the human touch to run their homes and industries. It is now time, as exemplified by our president to stand up and fight back. Let’s see who suffers without the Filipino experts. Let them eat their money and drink their oil.

On the other hand, here back home, indigenous people mostly in Mindanao is facing the ugly hand of betrayal and exploitation from the promises and distorted action of the leadership of the land, partnering with greedy multinational corporations out to skinned the mountains, forests and islands.

Where do they go? Their ancestral lands-their simple, little share of soil and abode in this planet-are taken away from them from all shrewd tactics of the powerful and rich.

If you are an urban dweller and live in a middle-class subdivision and arrogantly ordered to leave because a mall will be constructed, what will you do? Pray you would not end up a “bakwit” (evacuee). Anyone greedy and abusive can take away your house and lot.

We will never understand and care those people unless we experienced what they have gone through. The struggles of the lumads… the sufferings of the OFWs should not only haunt us but restores our dignity and humanity.

Will they-and us-ever see the loving light?

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