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The Blue Lagoon of Libjo: Jewel of Dinagat Islands

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

It’s certified one and only magical and mystical isolated piece of heaven this side of Pacific Ocean and sparkling child of healthy-green covered Dinagat Islands, perhaps the most coveted island-province of Mindanao in terms of living natural abundance and ecotourism potentials if run and taken cared right by local visionaries.

Whether you plunge right into the cool and deep blue center of the lagoon or dare to ascend one of the prime limestone towers guarding it, your spirit lifts up seeing the awesome view.

“That would surely stick your memory,” declares Bryan Edulzura, arts, tourism and sectoral correspondent of this publication.

The shimmering oasis is part of the limestone forest-filled islet forming like a maze a distant away from the coastal Barangay of Magsaysay belonging to the town of Libjo, three hours away from Surigao City, Surigao del Norte.

Perhaps by serendipity hidden by ancient gods concerned to protect it and remain it intact and secretly secured by “diwatas” (fairies) to preserve its charm and tranquility.

At least to this day not overcrowded and disturbed.

“We hope tourists who come here respect nature and support the efforts of the communities around it,” comments Albert Serrano, an environment educator of Green Mindanao, a private advocacy group of long-standing.

Active Libjo Mayor Lamberto T. Llamera and town officials recognize and foresee the future of the town’s potential as a prime and trail-blazing tourist destination in Caraga Region with the lagoon as a natural dramatic center piece attraction.

There is no reason responsible tourists and environmentalists come here to experience it. It is definitely world-class in the making.

Tourists who come are advised and required to kindly communicate with the town’s tourism office to be officially guided and assisted accordingly for accommodation and sea transport.

The town admirably envisions to professionalize the tourism industry. Other than that, it elevates and rally behind local villages initiative.

“It’s guaranteed the Blue Lagoon mesmerizes and awake your senses and we’re not even covering the dozen floating limestone cupcake towers strewn all over the coastlines,” teased Edulzura.

Photos Bruno Boquilon

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