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SRMI: An Instrument for Success

“Many are called but only few are chosen” so says a famous quote.

SR Metals, Inc., a mining company based in Tubay, Agusan del Norte has, back then, called Tubaynons for educational opportunity particularly to finish college education to obtain a degree. Many had tried but only few survived.

Recently, seven college scholars of SRMI marched down the aisle of success as they proudly accepted their respective degrees after years of struggles and hardships.

They are Jessryl L. Bayot of Poblacion Dos, Reymark Galupo, of Tagpangahoy, Anthony Anib, of Sta. Ana who took up BS in Environmental Science, Raffy C. Olleras, Dona Rosario, Mark Lourence Justol of La Fraternidad, Jella Morales of Dona Telesfora, who took up BS Mining Engineering and Reah Marie Actub, of Dona Telesfora, BS Forestry.

They have only proved that no hardship will ever bring them down. Instead, they rise up to get to finish the race.

“I almost couldn’t graduate because of my Thesis. Most of the mining companies I went to  conduct my Thesis declined our request. I come to the Lord and cried. But he is always good to us. He finds ways miraculously,” says Justol after almost failing to comply his study.

Meanwhile, Olleras, is inspired to get a degree when he knew that this is the only way to find a better living.

His mother a plain housekeeper and his father is Public Utility Van driver who struggle to send them to school and even to provide their necessities.

From now on, he sees himself to be working as a resident manager of mining company in the near future.

No wonder he excels academically from elementary to high school to college. Through also the help of SR Metals, with free tuition and miscellaneous fees, meals and book allowance, dormitory with complete facilities and equipment and transportation allowance, there is nothing they could ask for more.

“Thanks to SRMI, without this company, I could barely get this degree I have now,” Olleras added.

SR Metals, Inc. continued to maintain its 45 college scholars who at this time enrolled at Caraga State University.

“To all scholars who graduated, thank you for making our program worthwhile,”  said SR Metals, Inc. in its Facebook page post. By JD

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  1. Soy Soy

    Thank You SRMI! our dreams in life will be all possible now to reach because you gave us hope not just only on us as scholar but also to our family who were also very greatful for giving this opportunity.

    I would like to extend the gratitude to the person’s who were behind for this program and facilitated for our achievements, To mam JAQUELOU (ComRel Mngr.) salamat kaayo mam for fighting the budget of scholarship to make our studies comfortable especially in our dormitory living including free meals whole week, computer set w/ printer, allowances and granting a budget to our other extra activity in studies (field trip, seminar, THESIS, etc..). To sir JULZ, mam JINGKY and JANE, that we can directly contact when it comes to the necessity of scholars and with a great patience on us . To the other staff of SRMI-SDMP Sirs and Mesdames Thank You very much!!!

    #Certified SRMI-SDMP Scholar

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