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Rainy days evoke memories of Lolong

By Edward Lopez

It was early March the year Lolong was captured, caged and became a megastar when my grand daughter Aryana came to see him.

All roads led to Bunawan, the town of Agusan del Sur that exhibited him, leading him to his death.

As an instant attraction Lolong put the province and the region of Caraga in the world tourism map, being the biggest crocodile captured-maybe unintentionally killed-according to many nature lovers and environmentalists.

No thanks to sensationalism, uninformed management of wildlife and the lure of profit.

Most of the curios and tourists who went to see his “abode” find it discomforting.

For why should, they asked, a croc’s home be made of concrete, with a clean pond enough for him to hide, a most imperfect habitat for a creature of the wild.

With Lolong’s demise, everyone said we should learn a lesson out of this: no more displacing the wild or respect them where they belong.

One unkindly joke has even went as far as ” let them be in government offices forever!”Because of the endless rains since January, the 5 year old Aryana, out of the blue, ended up wondering.

Is Lolong happy with the rains and floods?

Someone answered her maybe if he is alive. But he’s dead. Do you know why? She replied,”Lolong could not stand the cement. It’s hot.”

Why! even a child would know. Let it rain, let it rain. Maybe Lolong’s progeny will multiply in the wild but pls no more capturing and exhibiting them the wrong way.

Now, we and children especially have only fond memories of the wild that “went away” but not on a rainy day.

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