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PNP: Caraga crime rate drops by 22%


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The antidrug and criminality war of the Caraga Police Office is reportedly paying off as it recorded an almost 22-percent decline in reported crimes.

Chief Supt. Rolando B. Felix, Caraga police director, said Monday that crime incidence posted in January to September 2017 was 6,144, compared to January- September 2016’s 7,864.

There was also a 32-percent decrease in index crimes in January to September 2017 at 679, compared to 2,108 for the same period in 2016.

Felix, said the decreasing crime rate registered for the first nine months of 2017 is proof that the administration’s war against illegal drugs and criminality has been effective.
“The PRO13’s intensified campaign against illegal drugs and criminality pulled down crime volume regionwide,” he said.

Also, the index crime volume significantly decreased to 32% or 679 incidents, compared with 2,108 total index crimes for the same period in 2016.

Index crimes are crimes such as rape, carnapping, cattle rustling, murder, homicide, physical injury, homicide, theft and robbery.

Non-index crime are violation of special laws such as illegal drugs, violation against women and children, child abuse, traffic code, firearms, illegal gambling, illegal logging, juvenile act and illegal fishing, threat, alarm and scandal, malicious mischief, estafa, acts of lasciviousness, unjust vexation, direct assault, adultery, abortion and arson.

Felix said the 4,715 non-index crimes for the January to September 2017 period showed a reduction of 18%, or 1,041 incidents, as compared with the 5,756 non-index crimes for the same period in 2016.

“This is attributed to the responsive adjustments made by the field units in the implementation of police interventions and crime prevention programs through Managing Police Operations (MPO) that resulted in significant gains in law enforcement. Amid these efforts, the collaboration of other law enforcement agencies, stakeholders and community also contributed to this decrease of crime incidence in Caraga,” Felix added. By CLC

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