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Pity the street children…

By Dave Rivas

They seem abandoned, neglected or give you the idea that they really are. You asked, where are their parents and one or two kids just stare at you blankly or say they are somewhere.

The kids are “somewhere” themselves but not on the place they don’t belong: in front of malls and the fast foods, asking for food.

Most times we don’t mind them, for why should we? They’re there as far as we remember.

New generations come. You wonder what happen to the generations before. Have they grown-up loved, useful and productive or became “bad elements” of society?

The cycle never stops, it seems.

It never will. Because we don’t know how to handle it or interested to solve it. Because it’s not important. We let them be. We don’t care. We only do-or pretend to-during Christmas time giving them money or food but only to feel good for ourselves, let’s be honest about it, having done our Christian duty. But after the gift-giving season, who cares?

This is not an article to make you feel guilty but rather an idea of maybe how to end or control it.

We must understand the children are the victims-displaced, made to starve, probably unloved and definitely uncared of-by irresponsible, absentee, ignorant and dirt-poor parents.

Now my suggestion, why not a law facing head-on this situation?

A proactive one enforced by the republic and supported by the church and all sectors. A law that put and forces parents of street children and even teen aged parents who cannot support their children answer their “crime” of bringing up kids into the world when they’re not suppose to or ready.

We call this discipline. Didn’t the Pope himself said,”do not breed like sheeps.”

As “punishment” (especially if they keep repeating it) why not take them to court and “condemn” to community service work.

And by community service, I mean outdoor “volunteer” work like cleaning the canals, cleaning the market, plant vegetables in community (barangay) gardens they belong. Any odd jobs that are productive.

That way, making and raising kids make them realize it takes a lot of meaning and responsibilities in life. This law should open the eyes of jobless lovers and teenagers addicted to romantic movies as well.

Ans this would serve as warning to all, for who would want to embarrassed themselves in the public eye?

Of course widen and deepen sex education. For more than just a condom issue the church and conservatives are allergic about, sex and quality of life education is a right to all human beings.

Now, maybe the Duterte administration can seriously look into this, because along with prohibited drugs, abandoned street children and irresponsible,”not-ready” to-be-parents need to be tackled seriously.

It’s about time!

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