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Painitan sa Cabadbaran: Balikbalikan kay Lamian

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing


Yes, my dear Zoila, I keep coming back to Painitan sa Cabadbaran (terminal) because I adore the humble indigenous food and the open-air and clean building.

At times, I took a long early morning walk from the town of Magallanes ( earlier sailing Agusan river from Butuan) to Cabadbaran and winding at the Painitan with the not so sweet Tsokolate (which is perfect) and the ever tasty Puto-maya and Linambiran.



Or there were times we mountain-biked from Surigao city, passing by the splendid terrain of Lake Mainit (one of Mindanao’s finest view) and to heed the need of the empty stomach craving and thirst we head straight to the Painitan sa Cabadbaran and our day is complete.

Those times were a few years ago.



Today, I savored my favorite simple day’s snack, thanks to my hosts, long- time family friends Jemima Atega and elder sister Joan Atega Monding, a social worker and current city councilor who took me there.



The food still good of course, the place spacious, the folks polite and no noise assaulting the ears. Rainy days, there’s no thick mud around the area to discomfort you.

When summer comes, I can’t wait to drop by the Painitan anytime–and maybe should you.

Photos Yul Jimenez

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  1. Just love this place. ‘Tablea’ is my fave take out everytime I’ve got time to drop by at Cabadbaran. Hope the local tourism stakeholders will continue to upgrade and enhance this spot as one of their key tourism destinations. Thank you for featuring the story of the ‘painitan’ sa Cabadbaran.

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