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Open-pit mining for the next generation?

By Lee Flores and Justino Red

What will happen to Caraga Region when the open-pit mining will be back after being correctly lifted sometime?

Simple, the mountains and forests that are watersheds will perish, skinned-out (gipanitan in Visayan) and turn ugly and useless.

Small people’s voices and marginalized villagers and indigenous peoples will be snob and driven out or they join the rebellion movement. There will be no peace and order in the countryside and civilians living in cities will be afraid to go there.

Where will the “mountain” people get food when there is nowhere to find, being uprooted and vanished. If only the exploited areas yielding stones and gravel be eaten then no one would complain.

And when more and more areas are flattened, left scarred and ecosystem dead, our beloved politicians, policy-makers and officials get their pockets bloated and build mansions. Yehey!

Who says there is justice in this world? Don’t we adore this mining sponsors for their “foresight” at the expense of annihilation and disappearance of the landscape of Caraga region?

Yes, we do. We voted them and watch them conspire with the foreign and Manila-based Earth murderers who call themselves economic development experts who have stinking money to buy anyone. Your silence and disregard included.

Haven’t we become Earth prostitutes ourselves? We give away our lands and islands like small-time whores in street corners. Yehey! Lets party and celebrate!

Soon, there’ll be no islands floating alive in Surigao coasts because they fall victims to the greediness of our respected men and women in authority.

While these islands sink and disappear, mansions of the powerful and pretenders rise up. While we get a little rich ourselves because we set-up small businesses like nightclubs, motels and karaoke bars. We pray it will last till kingdom come.

We pray too, the companies won’t hide and run after the destruction’s been done and keep our business going and transform our municipal halls and school buildings to cement.(Why on earth our officials can’t do it when we’re paying our taxes?) How cheap can we get? Concrete buildings in exchange of a whole mountain forest giving us water and life? Now and the future.

As this country experienced before, the mining companies fold up and run when there is nothing left to exploit. They don’t care if nothing is of use. Why should they? They paid us all, directly and indirectly. We get our progress. Yehey!

We don’t really care and respect our mountains and seas. We are too ignorant and unconvinced what nature gave us. Almost all our officials give lip-service. Do we have to wait until all the resources are gone?

In the end, our grandsons and granddaughters will just have to fight for their survival. Let’s see if they like to eat stones and gravel left behind by the open-pit mining.

Let’s see if they like to drink poison waters and swim in heavy, stinky seas. Good luck to them all.

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