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NEWSPIX: Thieves strike, Surigao flood sensor stolen

Thieves took flood-warning sensor in Surigao City that was installed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST)) to monitor rain water level and floodwaters.

The river sensor was installed under the bridge at the Surigao River in Barangay Anomar.

Surigao disaster management officials discovered the gadget was missing at the height of the onslaught of Tropical Depression Agaton last Tuesday.

Officials suspect robbers sold the metal and copper casing of the gadget to the junkshop.

Reports said at least 70 Automated rain gauges (ARGs) and water level monitoring sensors (WLMS) have been installed last year at various strategic areas across the region.

These monitoring gauges are vital to disaster risk reduction and management councils (DRRMCs) as these could serve as their monitoring guides, enable local officials to alert their constituents living in vulnerable communities of possible flooding and landslides, giving them ample time to evacuate to safer grounds. By GD Photo courtesy of Jojo Ferol

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