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Mutya Hong Butuan Talents Night: This time they really meant it

By Saturnino “Saurn” De La Cruz

If you have seen last year’s Mutya Hong Butuan talents competition, you end up asking, where are the talents? It’s all suspect.

Not this year because I think the organizers really made sure each candidate’s artistic potentials surface individually and distinctly.

Some may need to do moreĀ and a few already showed great promise and in the end it was worth scrutinizing if indeed it was showcase of stage performances. The ladies and the men and women behind the show deserve a double salute.

I may be old fashion but like all the rest who strictly demand innate and potential creative stage ability isn’t that the purpose of the search in the first place? To closely scan the perfect lady fit to be named the city’s fairest.

All the candidates this year showed what they got and worthy of applause. There were a variety of individual showcases, neo-ethnic dancing, dramatic interpretations spiced with pop dances and painting renditions, even news anchoring and what not.

A parade of colorful expressions indeed.

This author talked to the chairman of the board of judges, who happen to the lifestyle editor of this online newspaper who said, if it was water, it was crystal-clear. I agree, because the ladies, all 25 of them did very well and the audience had a satisfying preview who the lady would be Miss Talent come proclamation time.

It should also be worth mentioning that the venue is excellent. The stage wide and extending, a night ideal for a cultural treat- a mix of colonial and borrowed expressions to indigenous aspirations.

Stand-outs for me are the candidates who sweat it out with tribal-inspired dances and costumes and sensibly verbalize their pieces connected to culture and womanhood. You will see elements of feminine assertions and empowerment.

We hope the Mutya Hong Butuan talent search will remain like this in the future.




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