Missing Yoyoy Villame and his ‘ridiculous’ songs

By Nestor Garcia

You remember the singer-songwriter-cum-comedian Yoyoy Villame? But then who can ever forget him? It’s a loss to today’s generation who is not familiar with this great talent known as “King of Philippine Novelty Songs.”

But my generation, us of the golden 50s to 80s are lucky and privileged to be Yoyoy’s army of fans and admirers from all corners of Visayas and Mindanao. Yes millennials, google him up.

If Pacman, another Bisaya great is today’s darling of the masa, Yoyoy was way ahead because he made all of us laughed with his hilarious songs that talked about our silly way and outlook in life.

Of course we have other singers like Pilita Corales, Max Surban and yes, our very own Susan Fuentes Toyogon, who incidentally used to live in Durano Street in Butuan City.

But did you know that Yoyoy was a bus driver from Bohol and was discovered as he was singing while driving. Yes driving while singing or is it singing while driving? Would that be illegal or crime? I don’t know but it sure gave birth to a Visayan superstar just like the original one, Nora Aunor of Bicol.

I wonder if Yoyoy was politically ambitious he would have become a senator. You know how popularity can make even a corrupt man to lofty position.

Yoyoy was only contented to land in Tagalog movies and become a national figure. He also ended singing Tagalog translations from Bisaya to widen his base.

Many of us teenagers at that time listen to him through the radio from early dawn to sunrise and again at the wee hours of the night before we retire to bed.

There were no regular and prime-time TV and maybe if there was one already we were loyal to Yoyoy. Not even Dolph , the superstar movie comedian can take us away from him. He was foremost “Bisdak” (original Bisaya), total and unbeatable entertainer.

Yoyoy made a dent in Philippine history too.What his first mass anthem became so popular that even quarreling historians and experts sing and laugh at his hilarious and ridiculous version.

Next year, with the country celebrating the historic worldwide voyage of lolo Ferdinand Magellan, expect the olds and hopefully the “millens” to sing this song again.

It’s true what art critics say, pop singers come and go but the likes of Yoyoy stay- with their never-ending novelty, funny songs.

That too, is real music of our times.

Artwork courtesy of SoundCloud



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