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Loreto, Dinagat Islands: A paradise in a distance

By Katrina Jean Bag-ao

From the ocean blue wide Pacific to various rock and land formations, Loreto, my hometown, is no doubt a paradise. Take it or leave it.

A place where unique flora and fauna can be found and humble people express kindness and hospitality. In short a trait with almost perfection.

As a young lady, I see my town as a castle, and me imagining like a princess. Can anyone beat that? That’s me.

I feel so lucky to live in this one-one-a-kind place so rich in biodiversity. Though , I am afraid some living and non-living creatures may vanish. For some things do change as they say.

My hometown, unfortunately, may be included because from paradise to a place in danger of disturbance will be ruined by greed, irresponsibility and no-care attitude of some people.

Once had a bad experience with this. One morning I woke up with the wind gone mad, the rain heavy and the waves heavy and crashing the shores.

I couldn’t believe I found myself in the middle of a catastrophe. I ended up wondering: what is happening to my paradise? Then I saw the destruction of typhoon Haian, locally known as Yolanda.

There was sadness and sorrow in the air. Then I realized I should change the way I look at paradise and I the princess will even more cherish and treasure my fortress. I would now imagine my paradise in the future.

Dreaming that someday, my Loreto will progress economically without destroying the landscapes and preserving biodiversity at all costs.

Editor’s note: This creative piece is from a promising young writer of Loreto National High School who attended the feature writing workshop organized by Green Mindanao in partnership with Loreto National High School and Loreto Academy, August 16-17.

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