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LGBT tale: An ordeal confronting gays as told to Familie Perez

By Familie Perez

This the season to be jolly but maybe not for gays if they will not be careful with sexual encounters because danger is lurking at malls, specifically at comfort rooms.

This piece should serve as a warning shared by gay victims victimized by a predator-criminal with a profile of a tall, slim, white complexion good-looking guy who befriends his victim by enticing them with sexual favors, first by exposing his private and take his (victim)hand to touch his (predator) and demands P 3,000 to P 5,000.

If the victim refuses, he (predator) insists he is violated and threatens to hit him (victim).

“That is robbery,” said one victim.

“He makes his first move, charms you like he is game and then extract money from you even if your not interested,” the victim narrated.

In some instances, he invites the victim to go out the mall with him, to his boarding house.

“Never go out with him because he will do you harm if you refuse to give that ridiculous amount,” he adds.

One victim was even robbed when they were walking in a secluded place going supposedly to his boarding house. The predator then fled.

The guy claims to be a college student though he look older and a criminology major at that. He also claims to be from a certain town but one victim swears he (predator) lives in a squatter area in the city.

He has been blacklisted at the two malls because of many complaints but apparently he manages to sneak past security and that is why he urges his victims to go out the malls to pursue his evil plan.

This is a modus operandi that the gays must be aware of.

“The gay community should watch out for this predator as he still roams Robinsons like a decent man pretending to befriend and charm gays in the comfort rooms,” another victim quipped.

The victim invents sad stories of his financial hardships and declares how horny he is t the moment. His eyes sometimes seem uneasy, on the look-out, for victims whom he robbed before and recognized him.

He would also seem shy, humble until he entraps his victim and turns demanding, angry and aggressive like a hyena.

“When I saw and confronted him at Robinsons I told him I reported him to the police and he’s already in the wanted list. He looked scared. When I called the security, he immediately withdrew and disappeared. I wanted him to be afraid so he will realized he can’t get away with his bastardly act. I don’t want him to victimize others, especially teenage gays,” the victim explained.

It is then time to fight back. It is time men like him to stop taking advantage of our perceived weakness. Let us stop this bastard a lesson he will never forget. For then we make the season jolly and safe for all.

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