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Kong: Bald Surigao the movie: Next attraction

By Lee Flores and Justino Red

Yes, you read it right.

The current movie “Kong: Skull Island” might as well be “Kong: Bald Surigao” and it perfectly fit the once evergreen Surigao provinces and Dinagat Island until mining monsters and Kong’s nemesis wreck havoc and destruction to the forests and seas.

Now here’s a script guideline of the localized version of the said movie.

A respected Filipino independent film-maker like Brilliante Mendoza or Lav Diaz (who is a Mindanaoan) might be interested to handle it. Wanted: producer.

Here’s goes the SG (script guideline)

SCENE I. High-end Hotel. Manila.

Mining executives meet national officials and environment heads to plot out a mission: extract mineral resources of the province sat all cost.

Local politicians join them who willingly, like whores offered assistance and easy entry, demanding a “fair” share either as part-ners of co-owners. Contracts signed, envelopes sealed as the meeting adjourn.


Money dropping all over as trees start falling, birds and wild animals escaping.

SCENE II. Forest. Surigao.

Giant footsteps of Kong heading towards Tinuy-an Falls as he surveys the lushness of the forests everywhere. Indigenous people, farmers, fisher folk and rural dwellers go on their everyday life of plenty and peace.

Additional scenes should also be added to show Kong as “caretaker” of the whole area.

SCENE III. The arrival of monsters and beasts

A male and female monsters copulate and give birth to all other monsters, big and small. They gorged on minerals underneath and run away like mad dogs, leaving the areas devastated and lifeless.


SCENE IV. The confrontation.

Kong arrives and is disgusted and angry with what he see’s. He confronts the beasts who responded with threats.

But Kong is not afraid of them and threatens them back. A fight ensues. One by one and then in pairs surround and attack him. Kong falls on the ground and struggles. Will Kong makes it?

SCENE V. Winners and losers.

Mining executives and public officials in their mansions, or playing golf or vacationing in exclusive beach resorts with their families or mistresses.

In contrast, Lumads and local community people running away from danger, destruction and disorder. Poverty remains the order of the day, deceived by the “security” and wrath of the scavenging beasts.

SCENE VI. Kong, the savior.

Back to the fight. Kong reinforces his strength and balance and eventually wrestles and subdues all his attackers.

They start with-drawing, still leaving poisonous wastes.
Kong surveys the uprooted mountains and silted coastlines. He sheds a tear. He gathers the people in the remaining habitable areas and leaves.

Epilogue : Children basking in the glory of the sun, trees and waterfalls.

End. Credits.

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