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If you’ve not been to these places, you’ve never enjoyed Mindanao

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

(First of three parts)

The yet to be discovered Tagbibinta Falls of Maragusan, Compostela Valley. Photo courtesy of Vigattin Tourism

Heard of “A timeless Distinction Place?” You probably think it’s a title of a book, but it’s probably Mindanao’s most fascinating destination to relax and unwind, of what used to be the mouth of an ancient volcano in a perfect circular form now a tranquil lake called Lake Apo.

The residential-resort is in the interior barangay of Valencia City, Bukidnon, so why not go there this summer? Rest assure you’ll have everything you would need for a splendid holiday-boating, hiking, good food and charming hosts.

Another gem of a place to go to is “Cottage on the Hill,” a humble spot for a weekend to hide away, also in Bukidnon along the Katipunan, Arakan-Marilog District. Famous drop-off station is the Seagull Mountain Resort,where the equally famous Cicada Hill facing it.

View of Lake Apo from the Timeless Distinction Place, a lakeside resort in Valencia City in Bukidnon province. Photo courtesy of Arren Wanders

Be prepared to gaze at the scenery from the Cottage. You can bring a tent too if you prefer to watch the moon chasing the stars.

Do you know the way to Tagbibinta Waterfalls? Well, maybe you should.

It is found in the highland of Maragusan, Compostela Valley. Cool, no, really cool waters gushing straight from the forest, where its best to go there early morning wrap with fog. A monastery sits on a cliff at the opposite end of the falls where resident-members will warmly welcome you.

Never miss Lakewood, a municipal lake just an hour away from Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur known as the Hongkong of the South.

Birds eye view of the Lake Wood Complex in Zamboanga del Sur, with the lakeview is a resort in foreground. Photo/Youtube

But Lakewood holds an attraction of its own. Its beauty is its mysterious dark contours and deep blue inviting waters. A lakeside resort is perfect to stay over towards the night and welcome the new day.

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