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How (not) to read this season’s constant earthquakes

By Nestor Garcia


“It’s not political, is it?” a friend asked when I gave her a cue it has something to do with values. Now what has human values something to do with natural calamities?

Maybe not and ask not the opposition or political butterflies but believers of ancient beliefs and wisdom, the kind who interprets the alignment of the stars and planets and the restlessness of the seas.

In older times, mostly in rural areas where people are attuned to nature, people shout and drive away unseen giant creatures or beasts lurking under the Earth’s surface, fighting each other or just restless, causing earthquakes of all intensities.

I have personally experienced this long ago. One night I arose scared when I heard the neighbors shouting as if threatening each other.

I felt the house shaking but I was more scared of the perceived threats of my friendly neighbors. The tremor gradually heightened until I found myself threatening the beasts away. I remember my grandmother told us her grandparents had urged her she participate the driving out of the beasts or their house crumbles.

This ancient belief is said to have originated in China and was brought by merchants who migrated here. Later, in this generation, earthquakes of devastating strengths hit mainland China, leveling villages, mountains and valleys. It prompted world assistance for food and rebuilding.

A not-so common joke discretely shared by a few in respect to the Chinese settlers went like this: One Chinese merchant eloped and married a local maiden and produced a dozen children one year after another.

Early evening the kids were playing when they felt the house was shaking. They screamed scared, calling their mother and father. To their surprise, the father replied angrily, shouted he and their mother were only trying to make the 13th baby!

Confused, the kids didn’t realized the beasts can rudely answer back. From there one, there was calm and silence despite the constant shaking.

Today, if you ask surviving ancient believers-believers of ancient wisdom and imagination, if you will- the cause of constant earthquakes occurring  now and then, they tell you it’s nature’s reaction and response to human’s conscious or unconscious behavior and action.

Human beings, according to them releases of spews both kinds of energy, depending the quality of his/her heart. And guess what! This season’s cause is due to the verbal habit of the leader of the land. His endless vulgar, insensitive and offending curses annoyed the unseen beasts.

And why on earth the beasts annoyed? They simply connect or identify the dark energy and become excited. Take it from an old woman, “ang tawong perming pamalikas sa publiko nag-sabwag sa itom nga hangin, maong mosayaw ang mga mangtas sa kangitngit kaw daw gitawag sila.”(The man who publicly curses spews dark winds and invite the beasts of night to invade.)

Of course this is debatable to Western educated people and mostly Oriental-leaning believers even as all would claim in this age and time. But has time really change? It is for all of us to discern openly.

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