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Horses, a classy Manobo house, etc. in a unique farm-park

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

When Daniel “Toto” Calo, an outdoor enthusiast and adventurer started a venture, he invited Manobo tribal leaders to build a Manobo-inspired house as a centerpiece hub to a horse farm he envisioned.

I am privileged to visit it not once but thrice tagging along friends and family to now popularly known Calo Horse Farm located in Sanghan, Cabadbaran City.

The farm’s a substantive outdoor getaway as any rare weekend adventure should be.

Of course, the mix-breed horses milling around the sprawling area will steal your attention and you can ride one if you want to or daring enough. (A selfie would be tempting to show off to friends.)

But the heart of this one-of-a-kind farm is the royal Manobo house which is aesthetically impressive. An icon any local can identify with.

A Mamanwa-inspired house, though smaller in size stands nearby. A charming mix, like sun and moon.

A Mahogany forest at the distance planted a long time ago is a marvel to look at. An outdoor wedding under the trees of Toto’s eldest son took place here. Such a trailblazing intimate family event.

Leonor, Toto’s wife and soon a grandmother is an artist of world-class caliber. Her mural wax artworks are prized possessions, so are her other pieces and collections displayed in the main house.

In capsule, the Calo Horse Farm (which to me is a park) is a destination rolled into one: wildlife encounter, art, nurtured nature and proactive environmentalism. There is no one like it in the region.

I can’t wait to spend overnight here. The circular rattan floor of the Manobo house is inviting so are the large native hammocks tied to the posts below. Imagine the full moon casting light like some unforgettable dream.

I say why not discover the place (check it on Facebook) and experience the unexpected charm and carefree weekend. Let the farm warmly embrace you.

Photos Rhodora O. Lim

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