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Here comes the clowns and they are power greedy, righteous

By Nestor Garcia

Once again, it is the season of ambitious comedians and greedy clowns who endlessly want us to be entertained and bought and like before, left us wondering and lamenting why the hell they got us on their pockets.

Well, they have the money from whatever means, to buy us all and we are poor and desperate as rats. Are we? Also, we never learn our lessons, or refused to and forever gawking at the powers-that-be.

This is exciting time, is it not? Like the much-awaited circus in the god-forsaken barrio of this country.

Now- and as always- we have two shameless greedy siblings who fight over high positions they never deserve because frankly, they don’t know anything much in life, except wait for the next election and command and demand their minions, half of them supposedly educated and professionals who are pathetically helpless even to assert what is right and fair to society and not for one shrewd powerful and wealthy family or heirs.

Comes a day when we hear this family’s pet dog or favorite cow are commanded to run for a high position, after the social-climbing wife¬† and ambitious mistress or the lazy, uneducated husband or inexperienced and visionless son or arrogant trying-hard daughter and whatever questionable characters they feed to the voting unprincipled ignorant public.

Why should we complain we remain mahirap (hard-up) yet made to think we are in better condition every after election, won by one family members who enrich themselves.

We believe them because we are programmed to have no minds of our own and be afraid. We have no voice, even more a decent vote, for we sell and sell our votes. what do we call that, nation of whores?

We have no right to demand enough of the circus where we end up the laughing stock ourselves. When is the time when we the people have the power to get rid of senseless and abusive clowns performing acrobats like beso-beso, kissing babies and throwing false promises to us -impressionable masa?

We are happy and contented to remain consistently mediocre.

Artwork courtesy of scout magazine

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