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Guess what season are we now in

By Nestor Garcia

You know of course we have two seasons but you’ve been informed of such thing as climate change so all of us are not surprised when its suppose to be regularly raining and it’s not, and vice-versa.

In Manila and other parts of Luzon there’s endless rain resulting in floods and sickness where here in Caraga Region and the rest of Mindanao, its as hot as the desert of Africa. What to do and where to go?

Nothing, nothing much to do at all. You cannot fight nature, can you? Or maybe proactively and sincerely plant trees and make sure they grow up by taking care of them religiously like our lives depend on it-which it does.

In the process we are helping tame the animal called weather so it won’t give birth to its progeny named disturbance, that is the way of the natural world today. You abuse the planet, it hits you back. It’s time to respect nature.

Now let’s go to man-made, Philippine made in fact. Other than supposedly normal seasons, guess what additional season we now have?

Why! its the season of dishing promises and rhetoric, mostly hollow and nonsense and not necessarily in that order, like you never know if the heat can kill you or the flood bring in garbage which we stubbornly created anyway.

Yes, it’s the season of politicians and wanna-be’s  foolish game’s prelude to election time. And many of our unthinking people lap it up, hook, line and sinker, believing it will give us a better life and the much awaited change. People never learned our lessons.

We ended up getting leaders particularly in the national level who are product of their illusions, delusions and ambitions. We are at the losing end, But we hope not. We dearly hope not.

In this season of gimmicks, anything and anything go-giveaways like free slippers, haircuts, food supplies, even pancit (if you take it, you have a long life of hardships!)

The good and bad thing about this season is that the results happen later and not immediate. We have time to pray that the promises will materialize and things will be much better, and if not, then we are in deep trouble, as we’ve always been. Well, we get what we deserved.

As the old would say in Bisaya,”Bulikat natong tanan!”

Artwork courtesy of GetDrawing.Com


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