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GL, Laswitan, Enchanted River, Tinuy-an Falls, etc.: Following the footsteps of overpopulated, filthy and indiscipline Boracay?

By Rommel Panero

Photo Rey Suravaquez

We Caraganons should not be looking only but be affected by the decay of the once paradise island Boracay we all dream of going at one time but should be watching over too at the disturbing and disastrous Boracay-in-the-making of our own “tourists come on” mentioned in the above title.

Like it or not, we are seeing the symptoms already and god forbid if we will be experiencing them full blown in two or four years from now. And please don’t say, no one warn us.

General Luna, Siargao is leading the pack. We have seen Caucasian tourist-drug suspect  and other questionable characters leading “pot session” with local kanto boys, perhaps tolerated or naively embraced by local authorities because of under the table deals.

Photo PDEA-13

Welcome to paradise! It’s more fun blah, blah, blah. How on earth would it become one when people of undesirable characters-from migrant, local business opportunists to jobless backpackers will all kind of vices and some local officials and residents out to enrich and prostitute themselves. Welcome to paradise!

If you go to Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur, the first thing that you encounter is the palengke (marketplace) atmosphere, not an impressive tourist spot. It’s obvious that sanitation, aesthetic quality and discipline are unheard of practices and values of the people there.

Contributed photo

Who should we be asking what are they doing or not doing at all? The local and regional or national authorities? Don’t be surprise if the president comes and calls it another cesspool-in the making! Hala! Bantay mo! (A moratorium reportedly was imposed recently to put the place in order-Editor.)

Tinuy-an Falls and Laswitan Lagoon by the sea, also of Surigao del Sur, both of natural wonders are in danger of overcrowding tourists flocking in uncontrolled and overpopulated locals eager to invade the area at all costs to make money, legal or illegal. One day should not be surprise if they too become a stinky palengke.

In Tinuy-an, you see annoying, irrelevant giant tarpaulins of the mayor with celebrity-guests. How disrespectful and insensitive to the grandeur of nature.

Where is Caraga tourism going when all sectoral stakeholders are not proactive and sharp enough to implement and spread the knowledge of a sustainable and quality result?

Even in general terms, where is the region really heading? We have open-pit mining that devour and skinned open our mountains and forests to death.

Similarly, should we allow our cherish tourist spots go the way of Boracay decadence and exploitation? That is really something to think and act about. And don’t say no one warns you.


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