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Enough of Tarpaulin culture, tourist spots are vandalized!


By Jong Narada

Laswitan Cortes, Surigao del Sur

Recently, I was in Laswitan, a beautiful rock formation with a lagoon at the shores of Cortes, Surigao del Sur.

Along with many others, we had fun swimming inside (the lagoon) as giant waves from the ocean lashed and invaded us protected by the rock wall.

Adults and children screaming excitedly as we welcome the rampaging waters.

This, to all of us, was the height of excitement of the visit of a one-of-a-kind destination.

This was the same excitement and thrill as I visited Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City sometime years ago.

Known as Niagara Falls of the Philippines, I learned that Tinuy-an is the most talk-about and must-see tourist spot in Mindanao.

The time I was there, a group of young professionals and students from Manila came by vans all the way from Butuan City and Davao city, two popular and easy entry points from out of Mindanao.

First time travelers in both places will never be disappointed…except for one single “invasion.” The hanging of atrocious, large tarpaulins that’s not suppose to be there.

In Tinuy-an, they covered a part of the forest. what is ridiculous is that the tarps showed the city mayor with so-called celebrities.

Tinuy-an Falls

What are they trying to impress? Didn’t they know that what they have done was disrespect to nature and totally obscene to the senses?

The same with what they’ve done with Laswitan. You see a huge tarp with a picture of it.

A synthetic, artificial just before the real thing, can you believe that?

And people, at the height of ignorance and poor taste, forgive me, lapped it up. I saw a foreigner shaking her head.

I don’t know if this is standard operating procedure in our region. I hope not.

But some friends claimed they’ve seen it in Siargao or the national highway of Agusan del sur where you see the faces of high-hot public servants. Epals should abound and thrives there.

Please, no more and enough of tarpaulines everywhere and anywhere especially in the beautiful nooks and corners where our dear Lord, the maker of these supposedly tourist attractions, created them.

Let no man or powers-that-be vandalized them.

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