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Don’t give in to NPA demands, Caraga business community urged

Madrigal: Extortion activity of NPA bandits must be stopped . PIA-Caraga

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has urged Caraga businessmen and local firms to unite and not to give in to the extortion demands of the New People’s Army (NPA).

By doing so, the business community would be doing service to the government in putting an end to the force taxation and terroristic activities by the NPA, armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), said Maj. Gen. Benjamin R. Madrigal Jr., commanding general of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division .

Madrigal said the NPA has now resorted to extortion activity and banditry to raise money because the rebel group was already losing the support of the community.

“It is very clear that the NPA is losing the support of the people and they are now resorting to kidnap-for-ransom activity,” the army official said.

Madrigal made the call after the NPAs abducted small-scale mining operator Carzon Ceasar C. Lademora in San Francisco town, Agusandel Sur on Saturday and allegedly demanded ransom money from his family in exchange for his freedom.
The gold mine operator was freed Monday after two days in rebel captivity.

Lademora is the son of the late Philippine Constabulary colonel Carlos Lademora, the leader of the dreaded Lost Command, a private armed group based in the province which the NPA accused of massive human rights violations and abuses.

Madrigal urged the business community to immediately report to the nearest station, patrol base or the AFP headquarters any terroristic plan of the NPA so government security forces can immediately respond.

“The extortion activity of these godless NPA bandits must be stopped,” he added . By CLC

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