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Differently-abled person answers women’s month challenge

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Armi ( right) and author doing the warrior pose.

This month’s celebration of women serves as a challenge and inspiration to Armi B. Calope, a differently-abled person (dap) due to a bus accident seven years ago.

The 42 years old wife of a policeman and working mom of two young boys is not the type to dwell on misfortune but rise above it and accept it with grace.

“I figure I have to move on as fast as I can for the sake of my children and husband. They inspired me to give my best.”

Coming from a humble background, she has been a consistent honor student and worked in private and public institutions. Currently, she’s with PhilHealth Region-13.

When the Women’s month photo contest was announced she immediately thought of joining it.

“I wanted to show to people that despite my disability I have transform myself for the better. That despite my condition, I can do other possibilities,” she proclaims.

Bryan Edulzura, a writer and former office mate observes:”Armi has turned a more daring, curios and adventurer person after her harrowing accident.”

With the setting sun and the strong current of Agusan River, Armi is in harmony with the world.

She has actively turned to Yoga asanas (exercises) as it is a perfect venue of expression of those many possibilities.

“The exercises was not only therapeutic but also externally challenging,” she discovers.

She discovered even more that Yoga gave her balance, strength and flexibility, being a requirement and goal every disciplined Yoga practitioner must attain.

It is not, health and fitness experts contend, for social interaction disguising as fitness activity. “I will forever make this my form of helping me cope up with grace and acceptance. I hope women get to try this seriously. The patience is worth it.”

During the photo shoot, she was calm and cooperative, no complaints at all.

As the sun sets, her iconic Yoga pose of the warrior unleashes the strength and elegance of one ready to face the challenges of what may come.

In a sense, she summarizes today’s women.

Photos Bada Torralba

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