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Dear Facebook friends

By Arvie Lapis

This is a no-holds-barred confession, I must admit, but hey, it has to come sooner than you probably expect. There had a few times when I was tempted to unfriend you, because honestly, you annoyed me. Let me enumerate the why’s.

First, you are suppose to be educated or have a touch of class, but why so many “selfies” in a single week, month or even a day? There is a vain or insecurity problem here? I hope not, I really hope not because for your own sake, you ended up pathetic.

What is the problem really? Do you badly, desperately need to be told “gwafa?” Or something
to rub your ego or cover the insecurity lurking inside you? Or is this a classic case of KSP?

The psychologists would tell you, “any or all of the above.” Please, I do not mean to bring you down. Just want you to straighten up.

I apologize to rain your summer but somebody has to tell you to please slow down. I am not saying I have enough of your face, I am just embarrassed, I have enough of it on my screen.

A suggestion- instead of selfie, why not highlight on groufie?

A groufie, you must know, is healthy and charming to look at. It shows you are in a good, loving family of friends. It’s wonderful to see you smile, laugh and making a face with normal happy people around you.

A selfie projects loneliness, boredom and longing to free yourself from this low emotional state. Please, not on my expense. Or call me, take me to a restaurant and we can blow the town red, ha ha ha.

Please, don’t take this too personal and by the way, this is not in any way a form of bullying, not at all, because I care how we should project ourselves to the public, and too much selfie as its been studied by experts is counter-productive to your person.

My friend, you are a beautiful, unique person inside and out, don’t over-advertise yourself.

Another thing, please refrain from showing off your personal belongings that don’t hold anything much in this planet like your pair of slippers or worse, your unpleasant to look-at CR. It’s okay to share your dog or the baby in the family.

Also, please, no religious words of wisdom day after day. It does not impress people in case you don’t know, it reminds them how pretentious you can be. I am sorry to say this but don’t you (again) over-advertising your faith? Faith should be personal, not put for “public consumption.”

I understand you want to spread the good words, but why push so hard?

Lastly, why do you post pictures of yourself at the airport lounge, on your way to the airplane, inside the airplane, out of the airplane, getting into the taxi, checked in the hotel room.

What makes you think the whole purok and barangay must know you are on a trip? This is at the height of kabadaduyan. Please, try to level up.

I have said my piece. Maybe just enough. I hope you won’t severe our friendship or unfriend me and I am sorry if I bruised your heart.

As I said earlier, someone has got to do it. Believe me, it took some guts and strength to do this. In the end, I take the risk.

Artwork by Gogoy Candelario
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