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Cusi launches ‘Mindset Revolution’ program

Cusi: For deep-rooted developments to occur, such mindset revolution should start from within.

Reiterating previous calls to veer away from a “business-as-usual” attitude, Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi  launched last week a department-wide “Mindset Revolution” Program (MRP) in a move to raise the benchmark of public service within the DOE.

“We always talk about change and how lasting change begins from within. This entails altering our perspectives. Huwag tayo magpabihag sa mga nakasanayan na. Hindi dapat gawing dahilan yung ‘yan na yan’ o ‘yan na kasi ang inabutan ko eh’,” Sec. Cusi said

(We should not allow ourselves to be stunted by routine. “It is what it is”, or “It is already what I came into”, should not be used as an excuse.)

Under the MRP, all members of the DOE family are encouraged to self-reflect, particularly on how things are being done at the Department and transform them for the better. All officials and employees are invited to submit to the Office of the Secretary their ideas, suggestions or solutions that would further enhance the agency’s processes and overall functions, as well as foster the spirit of innovation within the Department.

Proponents of proposals that will be implemented will receive, among others, a Certificate of Recognition and the fulfillment of translating his or her vision into action.

Sec. Cusi further underscored that for deep-rooted developments to occur, such mindset revolution should start from within.

“We should be the change we are espousing. If there are errors, let us immediately correct it. If there are blind spots, let us fix it. If something could be improved further, then let us do it. Mula sa atin para sa ikagiginhawa ng lahat,” the Energy Chief emphasized.


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